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Getting Started on GITGame

For Collectors


  • What is GIT? GIT is an in game currency that is earned by being in the top 100 in the rewards club. Purchasing NFTs on the secondary market for qualified collections. Achievement NFTs earn monthly GIT. GIT Gorillas earn monthly GIT.
  • What can I do with GIT? You can redeem your GIT in the GIT Shop for several items or you can use your GIT to vote in other collections or a ballot for a new mayor in GITY City or GIT Town.

Rewards Club

  • How does it work? Each qualified collection has a set objective. This objective is what creates the top 100. The top 100 will earn GIT on the snapshot. Your position matters for the percent chance of winning the random 5. There are set prizes in the random 5 each month.

Secondary Market

  • How much GIT can I earn? The amount has a base rate and a multiplier depending on the votes a collection gets.  Any time you purchase a NFT on NeftyBlocks or AtomicHub it’ll automatically give the buyer and seller GIT if it is a qualified collection.

GIT Gorillas

  • How do I get one? They are randomly dropped as a mystery NFT from the rewards club to the 5 randoms. There’s a chance the mystery NFT isn’t a GIT Gorilla. You could always get one on the secondary market if you’d like. There is no drops or primary sale of Gorillas.
  • How much GIT per month is a GIT Gorilla? You earn 25 GITS per month for holding a GIT Gorilla.

What are the benefits of GIT Gorillas?

  • Access to the GG Building in LandBox
  • Bonus Voting for Collections on GitGame
  • Ability to become the Mayor in GIT Town or GITY City. Your wallet will be available on a ballot.
  • Bonus Voting for Mayors in GIT Town or GITY City.


  • How do I earn one? You can find them in the LandBox game. Which can be found here:
  • How do I buy one? You can buy them on the secondary market under the Landboxgames collection.
  • What do they do? They show up on your profile in GitGame and they give you GIT per month!

GIT Shop

  • How do I use the shop? Simple login with your LandBox login and you can just click buy on a product if you have enough GIT.

For Collections

Information coming soon…

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