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Gitverse Information

The Gitverse is a new mode in LandBox. All free to play. To get started you just need to create an account with LandBox here.

Create an account on LandBox here. After that is completed. You can visit play on your browser all right here:

Absolutely not! You can support LandBox by checking out their game and offerings.

GIT is earned by achievements, rewards club and daily bonuses.

For achievements you have to explore the open world and find the cubes that have the achievements. Once you find one you just have to go near the cube and you will be rewarded. Achievement NFTs aren't issued in real-time they go into a review queue. Some achievements have limited amount as well. The achievements will earn a monthly GIT for you.

Rewards Club has different ways you can earn GIT and other prizes. Snapshots for the Rewards Club is done monthly.

The daily bonuses will be here soon, just load up the game and you will get your daily dose of GIT!

GIT will be redeemable in our Git Shop (Coming Soon). You will be able to create new quests, achievements, custom NFTs, buildings in Gity City or Git Town.

Git Town & Git City are universes that are shared with the community. Users will be able to put their NFT information and more. Get ready for a good time!